With the internet transforming into the most accessible arena by people all over, connecting with them through this platform is an ideal choice for companies and brands who would like to increase their sales. Here is what Digital Marketing steps in. Digital Marketing simply refers to the type of marketing that is done through various internet and social media platforms.

Our team of experienced content marketers, social media marketers as well as email marketers will assist and help you in marketing campaigns depending on the goals and the target audience of the client.

Some of our Digital Marketing services are listed below.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Our well experienced team of developers focus on diverting maximum relevant attention and traffic to the client ecommerce website by helping it to get picked by search engines. The foremost factor involved in increased sales and efficient market is nowadays governed by SEO. Most of the websites whether they are at the budding stage or are developing their website, want to rank in the first pages of the search engine results. Attaining the topmost spot in the search engine would help them expand their sales and would scale their growth. Tech Magnet is a renowned SEO company that provides the best ecommerce SEO solutions to its clients. We help business houses and brands to attain top rankings in the Google search engine based on some of the top listed keywords. We have specially designed SEO package plans that our clients can avail according to what suits their requirements the best.

  • PPC Advertising

    Pay per Click Advertising is a form of advertising in which advertisers pay an amount to their clients whenever searchers click on their ads. This form of advertising is generally done to attract relevant traffic to your ecommerce website through these ads. Ecommerce websites usually place their ads on the top of Google’s SRP’s and gain traffic through that. Setting up these ads on Google SRP is a tricky and tedious task and Tech Magnets comprises of an efficient team that helps their clients to do so. PPC advertising requires in-depth analysis, observation and precision and our team excels in all the spheres. We assist our clients in scaling their business growth by providing to them paid PPC services that would boost up their traffic and sales.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

    We are totally aware of the fact that both SEO and CRO are two separate set-ups that need to be dealt with differently. With proper testing and in-depth analysis, we strive to achieve perfect results through which we can pull in maximum conversion funnel to your website that would not just improve your business but also your sales. We analyze and figure out the number of bounce rates, pages with the maximum number of bounce rates and then try improving the website using UI/UX improvements and designs to attract the target audience.

  • Content Writing

    Our team of highly resourceful content writers and content marketers take care of the goals of our clients and the needs of their target audience and come up with convincing content that speaks volumes to the prospective target audience. We aim and center our content on the relevant and important keywords to help them rank effectively on the search engine. With our proper content planning and strategies, we help our clients to voice out their ideas, products and services in front of their customers.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media has now become a part and parcel of our day to day life. Keeping this fact in mind, we devise effective social media marketing strategies with the help of our diligent social media marketers to connect our clients with their customers. We aid our clients in building and popularizing their brand value in the digital market by advertising through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. some of our social media marketing strategies include Facebook page creation and promotion, handling various other social media handles, channelizing maximum likes, views and subscription to the YouTube channel/videos of the client.

Our clients have always received and will continue to receive the best services and solutions and shall continue to have our guidance and help. We help you to grow and develop not just your business but also your goals and dreams by assisting you to bring out the best.

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