In today’s constantly evolving world, people rarely have the time to roam around in markets searching for items they would like to purchase. E-commerce is the one-click respite for them where they can shop a wide range of products and buy them with just one click of the mouse. E-commerce has developed into a universal platform not only for buyers but also for sellers. E-commerce has today helped a lot of people in business and business houses to increase their profitability and ROI by upgrading to online sales.

What is Magento Development?

Magento is the most popular and widely used platform to develop e-commerce websites. It is a vast well-designed programme which is flexible to be used for any scale of business. With the help of Magento, retailers enjoy a platform that assists them in enhancing and promoting their online store by utilizing various Magento extension development services like managing orders, payment gateways, shipping assistance, etc. We at Tech Magnets assist our clients in enhancing their e-commerce business through Magento e-commerce website development.

Features of Magento:

  • SEO Friendly – Magento has an SEO friendly URL that can help businesses to rise to the highest level. Magento also provides advanced inbuilt SEO features and boosts up Google rankings.
  • Inbuilt web service – Magento allows you to connect with any third-party application or platform that the user wants to communicate with the help of its web service API.
  • Unique Features – Magento employs unique features like authorized integration for payment, shipment, inbuilt Google Analytics and Adwords, varied product types, etc.
  • Quick Installation – It allows users to add a new or separate extension through the quick and straightforward installation process.

Magento Extension Services:

Tech Magnets being a Magento e-commerce development company assists clients in their e-commerce business by providing Magento extension development services. Every Magento extension built by us as a result of our in-depth market research, client requirements and target audience. Some of the Magento extensions provided by us are as follows –

  • Product queries and FAQ’s – This Magento extension helps the users of the client website to contact them and clear their doubts regarding any particular product or a range of products. It also facilitates the seller in helping the users by providing them with the desired help.
  • Product Details – This helps the seller add the details and specifications of every product on his website including its size, color options, fabric, etc. Buyers are in this way able to make an informed choice.
  • Set shipping charges – This extension allows the buyers to establish a formal shipping charge for each product according to the area pin code. This extension helps buyers in analyzing the final buying price of their product.
  • Order Notification – Buyers require proof of their purchase from sellers. This extension assists sellers in notifying their customers through SMS and e-mail about the placing of the order, the total amount that has been paid or has to be paid, expected date of delivery, etc.
  • Product image – This extension helps buyers adjust different pictures in thumbnails and in pop-ups to attract customers to their site and lets the viewers know the best choice for them.
  • Review Reminder – Once the buyers have bought a specific product from the website, the seller can automatically send them a review reminder requesting them to rate and review the product that they have recently purchased.
  • Our company believes in providing the best facilities to our clients and builds a relationship of trust with them. Through our well-experienced team, we offer our clients the best Magento web development services and help them enhance their business.

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