How would the modern world driven by technology and scientific advancement appear without a Mobile or Tablet functionality? Tech Magnets is a technology driven firm that has gained expertise in the arena of mobile application development solutions.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is the process of developing software for wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets. An ideal mobile app development firm is one which makes use of technology and ideas to devise and design mobile apps which are easy and hassle free to use while keeping in mind the users who are finally going to use the app.

Types of Mobile Applications We Develop

The types of mobile applications involved are the Native applications & Hybrid/html5 applications. Our team at Tech Magnet is involved with native app development and hybrid app development.

  • Native app
    These apps require a lot of effort and consume a lot of time in developing. They include individual apps for different platforms like Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows.
  • Hybrid apps
    A hybrid app is more like a mid section between the native app and the web app. It is similar to a native app in the sense that it is also created in HTML, CSS and Java script. But unlike a web app, it is available via app stores or over-the-air for iOs devices and is not dependent on the mobile browser. It eases out the task of creating a number of apps for different platforms and helps to build one common version of an app.
Our Mobile Application Development Process
  • Strategy
    The initial step involved in developing an app is to devise a full-fledged strategy. Our team at Tech Magnets consists of highly experienced and resourceful candidates who are well aware of the difference associated in devising each and every app. We formulate and assess the budget plans of our clients, their visions and their target audience before starting on with any project.
  • Design
    Tech Magnets has a commendable team of designers who are associated with the mobile app design services. We keep in mind the target users and their reactions before designing the app. We at Tech Magnets believe in smooth and uninterrupted User Interface (UI) and user experience.
  • Development
    After an app has been designed a lot of effort goes in its development. The most important thing that our team focuses on while developing the app are bugs. Bugs never go down well with the users and to ensure maximum attention and usage of the app, our tech team focuses its total attention towards fixing any bug or coding error involved.
  • Testing
    Finally after the app has been developed, we run numerous checks to ensure any further coding errors or bugs or any technical issue that might rupture the user-traffic directed towards the app.

Client service is our utmost goal and their satisfaction is our ultimate victory. Tech Magnets is an experienced firm involved in the mobile application development process and we strive to design and develop apps that suit our client’s requirements, thus making them trust us more.

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