Our lives are so much governed by smartphones and other wireless devices, that imagining life without those sometimes becomes a tedious task. Mobile applications are the core sources that make these devices functional and increases their usage and popularity. Tech Magnets is a technology driven outsourcing firm that has gained expertise in the arena of mobile app development services.

We are proficient in designing and developing all kinds of mobile apps such as native apps, custom apps as well as hybrid apps.

So How are Hybrid Mobile Applications Different From Native & Web Application?

A hybrid app is more like a mid section between the native app and the web app. It is similar to a native app in the sense that it is also created in HTML, CSS and Java script. But unlike a web app, it is available via app stores or over-the-air for ios devices and is not dependent on the mobile browser. It eases out the task of creating a number of apps for different platforms and helps to build one common version of an app.

Technologies that we utilize while developing a Hybrid Mobile Application:

  • Ionic Platform

    Ionic is a special platform that helps in creating hybrid mobile apps for various devices such as Android and IOS using a common codebase. It is considered to be one of the popular frameworks for development of cross platform hybrid mobile apps.

    Our team at Tech Magnets makes use of this platform to develop the look, feel and also mobilize the behavior of the hybrid apps. This platform also aids in writing these mobile apps using the popular Angular framework. By making use of this platform, we design and develop the front-end of the hybrid apps using the Angular framework.

  • Xamarin

    Our team of app developers and designers are also proficient in creating hybrid apps using the Xamarin framework. Xamarin is by far one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks that can be utilized to develop native, web as well as hybrid apps.

    Our Tech team creates client-specific hybrid apps using Xamarin, which provides the similar level of performance as well as user experience on all kinds of platforms.

    Xamarin created apps are more compatible and user friendly across all the mobile platforms, it helps developers in utilizing the unique feature of every platform and also helps them to create platforms that can be easily reusable on all other platforms easily.

How do we create the application?

  • Designing: Tech Magnets has a commendable team of designers who are associated with the mobile app design services. We keep in mind the target users and their reactions before designing the app. We at Tech Magnets believe in smooth and uninterrupted User Interface (UI) and user experience. We contact and personally interact with a lot of users who are quite similar to the target audience and then come up with designs that are user-friendly and user-engaging to ensure maximum traffic.
  • Development: Once the designs have been finalized, our tech team gets itself involved in developing an app using the above mentioned technologies and develop the apps in a common codebase that can be utilized easily across various platforms.
  • Testing and Assistance: Finally after the app has been developed, we run numerous checks to ensure any further coding errors or bugs or any technical issue that might rupture the user-traffic directed towards the app.

Client service is our utmost goal and their satisfaction is our ultimate victory. Tech Magnets is an experienced firm involved in the mobile application development process and we strive to design and develop apps that suit our client’s requirements, thus making them trust us more.

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