Internet of Things (IOT) is an advanced technology that helps connect people, machines, processes and systems into one blended technology-driven network. Tech Magnets and its experienced team offers technologically enhanced IOT application services and solutions that empower your business to reap maximum benefits out of the IOT technology.

From the housing sectors to industries and enterprises, Internet of things development has attained a far reached scope. We at Tech Magnets empower our client organizations to integrate and revolutionize their business processes, connect with different platforms and scale their growth by integrating their business models with the advanced internet of things solutions.

Our Key Focus Areas In IoT Application Development
  • Home Automation
    Home automation is the process of controlling your home appliances like fans, lights, window coverings, fire alarms, electrical appliances, etc by building iot applications. There are various techniques to control your home appliances such as home automation can be done over the cloud, with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, android and ios apps, digital control, RF remote control, etc. Home automation is yet another innovative application of IOT.
  • Industrial IOT
    In manufacturing sector, energy and utility sector. Our experienced team of technical experts helps you in assessing the ultimate potential of your industry by linking it with iot development services. With the help of our real time data services and sensors and trackers installations, we help industries to function effortlessly with the help of iot solutions.
  • Medical IOT
    Healthcare sector and Housing sector. By making use of IOT, our internet of things experts and internet of things solution providers, help the clients in living a safe, secure and healthy life. We help in storing all sorts of medical related data in cloud platforms that helps healthcare institutes and doctors all over to analyze and monitor them so that they can provide the best medical assistance to patients. IOT application services in the housing sector provided by us would help clients to monitor their security systems, safety locks and certain home appliances by using control techniques and iot mobile apps installed in their smartphones.
  • Wearable Technology
    Wearable devices are now the trending IOT related topic these days. The efficient data processing involved in smart watches, medical wearables, smart clothes, etc add an extra value to our lives along with being fashion trendsetters. For example the smart watches that are quite popular nowadays, can track the amount of steps you have walked, the number of calories you burnt, your heart beat rate as well as a GPS tracker fit in it. Certain smart watches take the help of smartphones to track activity while several others have built in pedometers to track your steps. This makes these watches a hit especially among the fitness lovers.

The future of IOT is filled with possibilities and acceptance which would help this sector grow extensively in the near future. The industry is expected to grow to unexpected dimensions in the coming years, be it in the housing sector, the security sector, industrial sector, healthcare sector, etc. the use of sensors and highly upgraded software system used in iot applications and services would help people integrate with the already existing network of smart objects and would help them in sharing information and data.

We and our team at Tech Magnets aim to grow and develop with this sector and provide clients the best IOT service and solutions available.

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